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       Suzhou Fuerda Industry co.ltd was founded in 2003, a high-end brand has always been to focus closer, and innovation is famous in the world. Fuerda has more than 15% employees engaged in research and development and innovation, has won the domestic and foreign patent hundred, was named the national new and high technology enterprises, products include intelligent fire door closers the hidden door closing device, guide rail type door closers, conventional door closers and intelligent window closing device such as a full range of products.

       Fuerda has a strong quality control ability, since its inception has been in accordance with the international standard R & D and production, has passed the European Union CE (EN1154, EN1634 fire test) certification, American ANSI Grade I a product certification, American UL228 certification and UL10C certification and CCCF China fire. In addition, through the UL Laboratory Laboratory Fuerda approved, UL228 can be tested independently, can meet the needs of different markets. So far, Fulda has customers throughout Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East and other more than 30 countries in the world or to The project covers the area, schools, hospitals, government agencies, public transportation, high-end shopping malls, office buildings, high-end residential, hotels and many other construction areas. 

       Fuerda followed Internet plus development, with the brand, capital, technology and management advantages, is committed to providing customers with high-end products and closer comprehensive and efficient professional solutions, to promote the development of informatization construction, improve the overall quality of life.



                       Hardware industry top thirty            China Hardware alliance closed door committee
                                                                                       "secretary generalunit"    



        Ten demonstration enterprise patent           Foreign trade import and export enterprises

              Unit member of China Fire Protection Association                  Love unit


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